Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Hard Candy Christmas Tree is picked

    In order to pick the perfect Christmas tree for the "Hard Candy Christmas" Art and Craft Show, we spent a Sunday afternoon walking through the mountainside in Little Canada at Larry Hasketts Tree farm.  Larry is a Jackson County tree grower who always supplies the big "Hard Candy Christmas" tree each year. This years choice is a glorious Fraser that has spent several years growing up on that mountain side. It has been waiting, waiting; soaking up the sun and rain, waiting to be picked.  On show day the smell of the tree fills the whole place.  After the Show it is taken to a family members house where it will shine for the remainder of the Christmas season. 

Hard Candy Christmas 2012 is ready!

The cooler weather about to arrive, says the "Hard Candy Christmas" show is just around the corner ! Get ready, get ready, get ready for the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the "Hard Candy Christmas" Arts and Crafts Show!    Outside Exhibitors The sidewalk leading up to the big Catamount door entrance will have a sample of the quality artisans.
  • Mountain man Wesley Angel who will be demonstrating his blacksmithing. His spiral candlestick holders are popular as well as other original forged accessories.
  • Just in time for winter days is the rock candle guy, David Dyer .
  • Doreyl Ammons will be demonstrating pastel painting,
  • Alice Bowden playing a tune on a spam can? What fun
  • John Bowen who made the personalized home signs last fall will be back with more products
  • J.B. Burton's will have hand hewed bowls.
  • Artist Pauline Marr is bringing her painting of the Cashiers area where she was raised.
  • Molly Shaw is coming back with fresh blackberry jam for the hot buttered biscuits.
  • James Smith will have his vintage birdhouses again.
  • Looking for a best friend for Christmas? Jennifer Alger is selling their adorable Goldendoodle puppies . They will be in a van parked in the closest parking lot beside the building.
  • Cullowhee artist, John Bauknecht will have his trailer full of original signs and bears while his Brother Fred usually is demonstrating chain saw carving on a block.
  • Local author and artist, Joe Meigs, will not be on the corner with his novels and paintings as he is recovering from surgery. Get well soon Joe!
  • Newcomer, Randy Lawery has old fashioned wood trucks & toys and a wood pocket watch? (got to see this !)
  • Joe Sasser makes the best grapevine wreaths to be found. He will have all sizes for the holidays and year round use in the garden.
  • Scenter of the universe dried fruit ropes have never been here but we hope to see Michelle this year!
  • Mondy and Karen Carter will have their beeswax candles and ornaments just for Friday, only.
  • Donna Clemons will have original Angel ornaments.
  • Renee Biggs will have delicious nut and fruit breads from her bakery.
  • Rounding out the outside vendors is Al McNeely's Catamount honey .

Inside Exhibitors
  • Starting in the truck tunnel is a favored potter Sue Malsnee. She has many area people who collect her work and they will be glad to find her newest designs.
  • On the left side of the entrance will be Larry Haskett's fresh mountain greenery wreaths. 
  • Gourd artist Sandra Price had school snowmen last year that were a "hit". She will return with carved designs as well as ornament, too.
  • Also, another new this year is gourd artist, Wallace Cole and family. The whole clan contributes to bird houses and Christmas decorations.
  • Only Bobby Bearden can turn a gas can into yard art! He will be on the entrance side with whimsical yard art.
  • I met Carol Ashely at the Holiday Craft Fair in Greenville, S.C. last December. She and her husband moved down here from from Pennsylvania to be close to the grandchildren. They make wonderful little primitive lighted houses and churches. Also, some of the best Santa's and snowmen I have ever seen. She came to the "Summertime" show to "look us over" and paid for a double space to make sure she could bring all her best creations!
  • Debra Parker Romero, A Santa maker from Georgia has been in touch with me since last year. She makes heirloom creations and ornaments and her Santa was chosen for the Show Postcards this year. He is splendid in brocade and fur. We welcome, Debra. Collectors are going to love you .
  • Debbie Trantham will be back with her Father Christmas dolls and spinning demonstrations
  • Billy Reynolds , fine carver from Tennessee, is coming back
  • Mike Malak with his antler lamps and chandeliers.
  • Harold Dodson is returning with his 'divine intervention' rocking chairs. If you want another one or an outstanding gift, look for him.
  • Hart stoneware pottery who features unique pine cone patterns will be back after a few seasons out.
  • Bill Reed could not make enough goat milk soap for the July show but he is on the way for November.
  • Linda Barton's felt ornaments will be on the corner on the right and an old friend from the Franklin days
  • Janet Wilkinson is coming with original Christmas goodies of various sorts!
  • I just got word that bowl carver, Brian Shope is coming with his Christmas collection.
  • Jessica Drexler will be returning with her vintage jewelry .
  • Virginia Bobian who sews women's accessories will be returning
  • Gretchen Branning with her unique pursers made from a man's neck tie.
  • Robert Schultz is a fine furniture maker who is moving to an inside space this year.
  • Susan Mick had those neat bark frames at the summertime show. She will be back for this show in case you missed her.
  • Marker Mountain Herb and flower Farm is coming back with soy candles, spices and various teas.
  • Two glass artists: Dana Minette, stained glass artist and
  • Katie Kopp 3D glass artist will be bringing their Christmas collections.
  • The James Ledbetter family from Alabama will be driving along way to sell their silver plate jewelry again.
  • Aaron Hequembourg customers will have to wait until summer to see him because of an unexpected delay.
  • Jerri Landers is returning with her fantastic story books and paper cutting.
  • Ann Eastabrooks is the scarf lady. Her weavings are enjoyed all winter by many customers. She will be here with beautiful colors.
  • Elly Davey is a perennial favorite with her whimsy dolls. She adds new creations for the show.
  • Hoyt Brown is a fine craftsman who has been my friend for many years. He was an exhibitor at my first craft show that I promoted. How happy I am to have him back with his carvings.
  • Another, old friend is Janet Anderson, a glass artist of the highest acclaim. She dropped out for summertime but is on her way back with fused creations for all her customers.
  • Just received an app for Willing Hands artisan Soaps. You customers who are allergic to soap usually can use her products. Stock up as Carmen O'Dell only comes once a year.
  • AW Ruff, almost did not make it this year but he will be here with his mountain toys and great priced cutting boards.
  • We have a new gourd artist who make luminaries. The Cokers from South Carolina will be here with fun Santa and snowmen gourd holders to safely light up your home for the holidays.

Every space is sold now but there is much work to be done yet. I will have the applications for the "Summertime" show for first dibs spaces. Last last minute touches are being made to the road signs and advertising. The show is almost here. You will see that I work hard to balance the show with, not only quality gifts and home accessories but Christmas ornaments, Santa and snowmen for the collectors. I am so excited to see my dream coming true. I always wanted to create a wonderful event where my fellow artist could market their hand work. When you visit this year's show, I hope you are going to say "Wow"! I do.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Almost here!

The signs are almost all out on the roadsides to enable customers to find Cullowhee. It is a bit out off the 'beaten path' so I will go early in the morning while traffic is light to place the larger signs . My daughter is my helper and best friend . Our whole family 'pitches in " to make this show happen .

I have some last minute exhibitors to tell you about . One is Pia Savell who  makes whimsical clocks .I have seen her work for years at bigger shows  .She mostly is at the northern shows this time of the year ,but she is coming to Cullowhee .Let's see how her creations are received by you . I love them !
I have tried to pick  a variety of not just  fine art but fine craft .
For example, Debbie Trantham  raises her own sheep and uses the wool to make her Father Christmas dolls beards and animal ornaments . Her collectors will find a double booth of her creations.
,Ella and Tommy Scroggs are new this year . Ella sews heritage aprons for special events and matching bonnets that are hard to find.. Her husband ,Tommy makes mountain furniture (primatives)  from recycled buildings , He makes corner cabinets, shelves and barn wood frames . He is a 'gin-u-wine" mountain man you will be glad to meet .
We have two makers of delicious 'from the farm' products: . Ron Gagliam makes pasta sauces, pesto, hummus, and  strawberry perserves. Rosalie Callaham also makes perserves and salsas .
Mr. A.W. Ruff from Flat Rock is a wood crafter who brings mountain toys  like he played with as a young boy . His  super cutting boards sell out of at every show !
 Only one candle crafts person was picked this year . She is Renee Russell from Tennessee. Her soy creations are top notch. Look for candles, tarts, reed diffusers and potpourri.
Bill Reed is a perenniel favorite with  his goat milk soap and Petra Retzloff is new this year with artisan soaps and balms in shea butter in gift sets .
 Have you seen a fruit pit carved into a delicate basket to wear around your neck as a necklace ? My  school chum and lifelong friend Betty Ann Bryant will be showing  off her amazing carvings .
Lee Ann Hibbard has a line of reusable products. Talk about recycle! Sandwich , snack bags,cloth napkins and wipes . You are going to find her up to date on 'going green' .
I need to be sure Mike Smithwick's customers know he will be returning with his wine bottle lantern and metal wall art .Have I mentioned Jan Smith ? She is a mosiac clay artist from Highlands that does excellent work .Talent ,and more talent ..
I love this business and I hope it shows .I love the artists and want to show them off to you the customer . It is alot of hard work but when the 10 o/clock hour strikes for the show to begin , it is so worth it ! Did I mention our almost famous Ronnie Evans is coming back to play for us on his guitar? He will have cds . See you there . Can't wait !

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

'Summertime' show is coming soon !

The warmer months have passed so quickly I can hardly believe the month of July is almost here! I have traveled many miles going to every  art and crafts show  with in 150 miles to advertise our show and find special exhibitors .
All the effort is paying off . Every  space is filled with outstanding artisans  designs..
As the time comes near,I like to think of all the busy hands getting ready creations to bring . No imports here . There is quilting, sewing, hammering, dipping, weaving, painting , framing, sculpting, staining , and all the actions that is required to make the one of a kind items that make this  show so special .  
Since my last post , we have added  favorite Jeanne Macke watercolors . Cara Bethels , a Penn Dutch folk art painter  and  Zoe Scroggs . Her quilted wall hangings are works of art .
Earnestine Buckie is a new artist with us too. I met her up at Maggie Valley and fell in love with her realistic style ,last year .
Jessica Drexler is returning with her jewelry and clothing accessories from vintage materials .
One of the neatest lady with a needle is Catherine Funkhouser . Her quilted products are outstanding . She has coiled baskets, placemats and home decor .
Don't forget Monika Hoerl with the Norwegian art of rose maling .
 A long time friend  and talented potter /clay artist is Marie Hribar from Macon County . She always dreams up some new products to choose from.
I found Sharon Webb down in South Carolina . She had great wild life sculpture and paintings second to no one . She specializes in  custom orders of  your favorite animal .
Bill Roy is our featured artist with his Uncle Sam riding the goose  .He will have a good collection of folk art .
To be continued for tonight .
Can't wait .

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trip to Unicoi and more exhibitors added to 'Summertime' show

The annual trip up to the Fireside show at the Unicoi  State Park in Helen Georgiawas so good . The jonquils were bloomimg along the road side ,a sure sign of spring . I enjoyed visiting with my  fellow artist friends (I previously exhibited at this event when my sons were in college) .
The crowd s were good and much shopping going on . The quality at this show is tops with many artists that come to our show ,too.
 When I returned home , some new exhibitors have been added to the 'Summertime' show :
Doreyl Ammons will be returning with demonstrations of pastel paintings and her latest creations of butterflies and  various prints.
Ken Rudd will be back with his wood trash bins and potato bins . (No one makes them any more )He will have various cabinets and tables if you are looking for quality furniture at great prices.
Bill Reed is returning  with his goat milk soap ,balms and lotions .
Jeri Landers is an author of children's books and paper cuttings .We welcome her to the show for the first time . She will have an amazing collection .
Elton Love,  a talented wood craftsman, is showing off his best work for customers looking for exquisite pieces. He is a first time exhibitor too and we welcome him .
Alison Temples embellishes mirrors and other accessories with all kinds of nature materials . She will bring some pieces that are just right for your mountain cabin .
Polly Wells is a clay artist that will delight you with her unique pieces .
And to "top the cake " the delightful guitarist who entertained us at the 'Hard Candy Christmas' show last year , will be featured at 'Summertime' ! Ronnie Evans will be bringing his CD's and strumming your favorite  tunes while you enjoy all the wonderful crafts at this  upcoming show  .
Stay tuned for other exciting exhibitors who will be comimng on in as the date approaches .

Friday, February 17, 2012

'More 'Summertime' Exhibitors Added

  • More exhibitors have been added just today to the roster for the  2012 'Summertime' show.
  • Renee Russell is coming from Tennessee with her soy candles and tarts. She has crushed potpourri and some fancy soaps.
  • Ester Lipscomb is an excellent potter. She will be bringing functional and raku pieces as well as food service and home decor .
  • .Stay tuned for additions as they come in.

Heading to Unicoi Show this weekend

     The next art and craft show that heralds the winter's end is the Unicoi Fireside show.  Feb. 18-19.  It is always the week end after Valentine's Day inside the large Unicoi Lodge in Helen Georgia. It has about 70 quality artists and craftsmen, some of who will exhibit with us. I used to exhibit there every year to make some late winter money. I will be visiting it to pass out our show information. Hours are 10-5 pm each day.  I will have updates, stay tuned.